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Wyoming Wholesome Ranch Raised Beef

1/4 Beef Deposit

1/4 Beef Deposit

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A quarter beef is a great option for a small family.  Buying beef from a local ranch is one of the most economical ways to fill your freezer with the healthiest, tastiest, and overall highest quality beef.  Make an investment in your families health, and take control of your food supply today!


1. Place your deposit to secure your beef:  $400.00

2. We will contact you to make delivery arrangements. 

3. You will be invoiced for the remaining balance  including shipping before shipment.

Total Cost: $1400

21 Days Dry Aged and Grain Finished 90 days.


*A limited number of Grass Fed Beef are available in the fall after a long summer of grazing the best grasses. Place your deposit today to secure your Grass fed beef for delivery starting in September. 

Our most popular package includes 100-110 Pounds of 21 Days Dry Aged Beef.  All Natural beef, hand carved at a local USDA Craft Butcher, and Dry Aged for 21 Days.  Because you're actually buying part of a cow and their weights vary slightly from animal to animal,  you get at least 100 pounds of beef for your freezer. 

Pure Beef, No Antibiotics, No Steroids, NO mRNA, No Dyes or Added Hormones.

* Shipping calculated at time of shipping, and Invoiced with your final payment.  *Free Local Delivery*

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Harvest in time with Nature

Grass Finished

In the fall we offer a limited number of Grass Finished Beef when they have feasted and naturally fattened on the nutrient dense grasses all summer and fall. We make sure our cattle eat grass from our ranch all year long by harvesting our own hay to ensure they will never consume pesticides or herbicides lending an absolutely delicious grass finished beef.

Grain Finished

For the last 90 days our Grain Finished Beef are fed a local blend of Non-GMO rolled corn, oats and barley while they continue to dine on our prairie grasses. As always all of our cattle are raised without steroids, antibiotics, and no added hormones ever. If you choose Grass Finished, or Grain Finished beef we are so sure you will love it that we offer a 100% you'll love it gurantee!

You may not know our kids raise 4-H and FFA steers. Their job is to spend their summer days grooming, feeding, and training their steers so they can compete, show and sell their animals to build their college funds.

The responsibility and pride that these hard working kids have learned and gained from this experience has been ever so valuable in their lives.

This year we did something extra special with their steers. Our butcher had a great idea. Since the animals were raised on grain since weaning we needed to do something extra special with them. So we EXTRA DRY AGED them for 30 days! All proceeds from these 2 steers will go directly to the kids for their college funds.

Welcome to the Rolls Royce of Beef!

No Hassle

Buying beef can be confusing.

At Wyoming Wholesome we have taken ALL of the guesswork out of your beef buying experience. You will know exactly what you're getting, and how much it will cost.

No Hidden fees, No Surprises!

    When you know, you know.

    Buying locally raised beef is the most convenient and economical way to feed your family the safest, healthiest, highest quality beef out there. You can rest assured you are eating the best there is when you source from a local rancher you can trust.

    Delicious and Nutritious Beef

    FACT: Just 3oz. of beef contains. a whopping 18 grams of protein.

    FACT: Beef is full of nutrients proven to prevent disease and improve brain function.

    FACT: Beef raised naturally on grass have 5x the omega 3 and is higher in vitamins.

    FACT: Allowing our cattle to graze a diverse buffet of grasses means our cattle get to eat exactly what they are needing at any time.