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At Wyoming Wholesome we are committed to raising our beef without any unwanted additives like steroids, hormones, antibiotics, dyes or preservatives.

We are proud to offer high quality, extra dry aged, PURE beef that is healthy and full of mouth watering flavor in every fork full.

We hope that you will join us in our mission to help keep families healthy and happily fed without compromise. We look forward to serving you and your family as your local rancher.

Making your mealtime a breeze!

Do you ever run out of time to cook a healthy meal before getting the kids off to their extracurricular activities? Do you get home from work and wonder what to cook for supper because you have no groceries, so you decide to get takeout again? No one likes the guilt of another fast-food dinner. We want to help you to take back control of your busy weeknights!

* We know buying all of you beef at once can be a bit of a sticker shock, but its actually cheaper than the grocery store, and this quality of beef can not be found at the grocery store.

Buying Beef from a local rancher is one of the most economical ways to feed your family the healthiest, tastiest, highest quality beef there is.

Shop with confidence. We stand behind all of our products, and We're here to help you every step of the way.

You're getting the very best.

Beef Packages

4-H Beef

You may not know our kids raise 4-H and FFA animals every year. We started breeding a small herd of show cattle when they were young. They take great pride in in the project from the start by choosing sires for their calves, and at calving time they get to see what they created. At weaning time they start feeding them grain. Their job is to spend their summer days grooming, feeding, and training their steers so they can compete, and sell their animals to help build their college funds. The responsibility and pride that these hard working kids have learned and gained from this experience has been so valuable in their lives.

This year we did something really special to honor these steers.

Our County Fair holds a sale for the public to buy market animals from the kids, but each kid is only allowed to sell one animal. This leaves our kids each with an extra steer to sell. We know that we need to honor these animals for the amazing quality that they are.

Since these beef are fed a ration of grain for a whole year we needed to do something special..

We Extra Dry Aged them for 30 Days!

Welcome to the Rolls Royce of Beef!

Get your 4-H Beef Here!

Only 3 Quarters Left!

What is Extra Dry Aging?

Mmm. Steak. It's just the best. A perfectly cooked juicy steak is a pleasure to your senses. It's a favorite for a reason, but not all steaks are the same. All beef is aged and the aging process plays a Big role in how your beef tastes. Dry aging is allowing a beef to hang in a temperature controlled open air room that is just above freezing. Beef usually age for at least 7 days and can hang for several weeks. Extra dry aged steak is considered the Rolls Royce of steak and this is what brings out the robust flavors and tenderness. The longer it ages the more flavor and tenderness.

All of our beef is expertly extra dry aged for 21 days at a USDA inspected craft butcher. We extra dry age all of the beef we sell to offer you an unmatched premium eating experience at home in every meal you make.

Harvest in Time With Nature

Grass Finished

From our gate to your Plate. In the fall the grasses are more nutrient dense, this is natures way of helping animals build up fat stores for winter. We offer a limited number of Grass Finished Beef every fall. We make sure our cattle eat grasses from our ranch their entire lives by harvesting our own hay to ensure they will never consume pesticides or herbicides. All of our cattle are raised with No antibiotics, No hormones, and No Steroids.

Grain Finished

All of our cattle are free to roam and eat our nutrient dense grasses all of their lives, and have not received any steroids, antibiotics, or added hormones. In the last 90 days before butcher we feed them a mix of grain from a local mill that is made from corn, oats and barley. This helps them fatten quickly lending extra marbling, and delicious flavor in every fork full. Weather you choose Grass finished or grain finished we are so sure you will love it that we offer a 100% you love it guarantee.

A real ranch with real people.

Buying beef from a local rancher can be confusing, especially if you haven't done it before. We make buying easy and hassle free so you can buy with confidence.

We want you to love buying from a local rancher, so at Wyoming Wholesome we take all the guess work out of your beef buying experience.

Our pricing is straight forward. No hidden fees, No processing fees, No surprises.

A relationship with your local rancher

You get a relationship with your local rancher when you buy from us. We love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to reach out.

We are so grateful for our customers.

Thank you for putting your faith in us. We will always strive to supply the very best beef and hope to inspire people to take control of their own food supply.

We have been so blessed by this beautiful ranch and we want to share it with you.

We Love our Cattle!

We enjoy taking care of our cows. They get to roam and graze their entire lives on our ranch. We let the momma cows raise their babies, teaching them important grazing habits, and survival skills. Spring is our favorite time of year. We absolutely adore the new babies. We watch over them closely from birth to ensure they get the very best start in life.

100% American Beef

Born, Raised and Processed in Wyoming!

When you buy your beef from a local rancher there is no question where it came from. Skip the questionable meat at the grocery store and fill your freezer with rich Wyoming Wholesome Ranch Raised Beef!